child car seats

Made with care for child’s safety, comfort, and accessibility


Create your own atmosphere in the car with our unique air fresheners

Wind deflectors

Perfect quality, advanced technologies, huge car park.


We make the car unique, journey comfortable and life multifarious. We strive to ensure that consumers have available opportunities to diversify their cars. We create simplicity, comfort and functionality in all.

Why azard?

Azard is a team of professionals, who work daily to make unique products. We appreciate relationships with our partners and we strive to make the business easy and comfortable. The products that we offer are safe and modern.

So here are the reasons to work with us:
1. Excellent quality and service;
2. Rapid production;
3. Fast delivery;
4. Excellent price;
5. The products are designed for a wide range of consumers;
6. Continuous development and production of new products.


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