Air Fresheners T-fresh Jacket

Air Fresheners T-fresh Jacket

Air freshener neutralizes odors effectively and creates pleasant aroma. All products are manufactured in Russia. Air fresheners are suitable for use at different temperatures and unique in effectiveness of action, intensity and persistence. Modern manufacturing techniques provide lasting fragrance for a long time.

Fragrances: Lemon, Exotic fruits, Lavender, Apple, Sea breeze, Vanilla, Pine, New car


Product Description

Air freshener consists of

  • high-capillary cardboard hook impregnated with essence;
  • smart bag (transparent bag with a tag);
  • T-shirts with bright print;
  • elastic for attaching the air freshener;

LTD “Freshсo” is a Russian industrial company that has 2 production sites in the territory of Ryazan region.
The company produces more than 1.5 million car air fresheners annually.
Today the factory is fitted with modern equipment. Experienced engineers work in the company, they are engaged the modernization of existing equipment, as well as in the development and implementation of company’s own unique equipment, which is adapted for high requirements of the production.
Ecologically clean and certified materials of Russian and European manufacturers are used in process of air fresheners manufacturing.
The company’s own laboratory allows to exercise quality control at all stages of production, beginning with raw material analysis and finishing with final products.
Professional staff working in LTD “Freshco” confirm their qualification on an annual certification commission.
Such approach to organization of production allows to quickly increase volumes of production, based on market needs, and timely provide our partners with high quality products.

General characteristics

Width: 52 mm
Depth: 4 mm
Height: 103 mm
Product weight: 25 gr
Manufacturer country: Russia

Features (USP)

Long lasting fragrance
Safe essence
Blister packaging
Smart bag (a transparent bag under t-shirt, which retains flavor longer)
Complies with European regulations

Documentation MSDS