Car vent visors

Our manufacture goes with the times allowing us to use 2 technologies of vent visors production which are designed with high accuracy by first class engineers. Azard Group vent visors allow anybody not to be afraid of weather conditions and fresh air can easily circulate through the cabin during the rainy or snowy weather or in a parked car during intense heat.


Azard Group PC vent visors

  • Shatterproof vent visors.

  • The production material is clear and smooth flexible Polycarbonate.

  • Azard Group vent visors are made of using Injection technology.

  • Smooth and accurate design

  • Large amount of products in a short time

Azard Group PMMA vent visors

  • The production material is thin, clear and strong cast PMMA.

  • Azard Group vent visors are made of using Temperature Forming technology.

  • Ideal fitment for every vehicle

  • Production in short term

  • New mold in 30 days

  • Cheap cost of equipment

  • No hand labor

The Outside-mount Vent Visors/ Side Window Deflectors mount in a minutes to the outside of your vehicle.
Permanent fixation with 3M adhesive tape
Protection against rain and snow
Sun protection


30 day

Production period up to 30 days

Large number of products

Beneficial delivery terms

Unique technology

Unique production technology Shatterproof material

Any model making

Ideal fitment for every vehicle


2 step quality control system

Quality control

Team of first-class engineers


Ready to share our accumulated experience and knowledge


Marketing support

Moreover, our advantages will give incredible pleasure for the byer and help for building of confidential and long-term business relationships.